Hivebrite’s accessibility statement

Our Commitment
At Hivebrite, our mission is to help organizations build vibrant communities.
We want these communities to be as inclusive as possible. We recognize that digital accessibility is essential for inclusivity so that online communities can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive differences.
We strive to make the Hivebrite platform as accessible as possible to people of all levels of ability.
  • Ensure that all new features are accessible
  • Improve the accessibility of existing features
Our Methodology
Accessibility considerations are now a central part of our design and development processes. All team members working on any aspect of the Hivebrite platform receive internal training on the importance of accessibility and accessibility best practices. Our design guidelines have also been updated to ensure accessibility.
A web accessibility consulting firm audited our platform in 2020 and we further optimized our platform based on their recommendations.
We also conduct interviews with customers and perform user tests with screen readers to constantly maintain our accessibility standards as guidelines change and technology evolves.
How to Report Accessibility Issues
While we are working hard to achieve AA standards of accessibility on our platform, we recognize that there are still accessibility issues to be resolved on some pages.
Please feel free to reach out to us if you see any errors or have other suggestions or feedback on how we can further improve the accessibility of our platform.
You can contact us by:
Hivebrite’s customers can check our list of monthly accessibility improvements and known limitations to keep up to date with our progress.