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Powering association communities to maximize impact and  
empower your members
accelerate change
build member directories
promote networking opportunities
generate membership revenue
share knowledge

Learn how Hivebrite can help you…

  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Optimize membership experience
  • Enhance industry engagement
  • Generate revenue through community

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Who uses Hivebrite?

Memberships & clubs

Clubs of all sizes and types—including community groups, sports clubs, diaspora groups, and more. Manage membership programs of all types with Hivebrite’s all-in-one platform.

Professional & business networking groups

Professional societies and certification bodies use our platform for networking, continuous learning, workshops, conferences, online networking events, and more to facilitate the exchange of best practices and opportunities among specialists in their fields of expertise.

Trade associations & regulators

Trade associations and regulators use Hivebrite to disseminate information efficiently, notify members of important updates, collaborate and gather feedback, support advocacy efforts, and gather industry intelligence on the industry.


Key use cases for
collectives & associations.

Facilitate collaboration

Create a dynamic hub for groups of interest to access publications, members directories, share insights, discuss ideas, attend engaging seminars, and provide valuable feedback.

Optimize membership experience

With membership or subscription-based websites, empower your members to sign up and pay their memberships, explore benefits, receive personalized communications, access exclusive content & opportunities, participate in forum discussions and events, and more.

Enhance industry engagement

Keep members informed of policy changes, bolster internal advocacy initiatives, encourage collaboration, mobilize staff, and coordinate collective efforts on specific regulatory subjects or concerns.

Generate revenue through community

Develop a profit-driven community that offers substantial value to members via subscription service or other. Enhance engagement, increase brand recognition, and generate additional revenue by using targeted marketing strategies.

How associations & collectives get the most out of Hivebrite.

GlobalWelsh offers support for its community of circumstance

GlobalWelsh brings together members of the Welsh diaspora to connect, collaborate, and support each other across the globe.

Sabin Vaccine Institute increases global reach with Boost community platform

The Sabin Vaccine Institute is a leading advocate for expanding vaccine access and uptake globally, advancing vaccine research and development, and amplifying vaccine knowledge and innovation.

How the D2 collective is making the tech world feel closer

The D2 collective partnered with Hivebrite to create a value-based community to unite tech professionals and support connection, collaboration, and growth.

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