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  • Nuture relationships & drive advancement
  • Cultivate research & industry hubs

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Your All-In-One Alumni Collaboration Hub

Alumni are potential recruiters and donors. Hivebrite helps exceptional institutions effectively manage their alumni community through communications, events, fundraising, and so much more. All in one place.


We help institutions build robust alumni communities.

Hivebrite empowers leading universities worldwide to deliver the cutting-edge experience alumni have come to expect.

Boost your alumni placement statistics

Make it easier for your graduates to find a job whether it comes from you or your alumni network. With Hivebrite, you can post jobs, add external job feeds, and even let fellow alumni post job opportunities.

Foster a sense of belonging and communication

Your alumni automatically get sent relevant updates from the community about the latest opportunities, news, and events. Your database stays up-to-date thanks to social-media integrations and one-click access to updating one’s profile.

Facilitate fundraising and encourage donations

A great platform providing real value for your alumni means higher engagement and satisfaction with your alumni. As active membership increases, so does alumni attendance to your events.

The Alumni Connection:
Insights and Strategies from Experts

Get insights, advice, and inspiration from alumni relations experts to help you engage and cultivate a thriving alumni community to support your institution’s goals. Whether you are a seasoned alumni professional or starting out in the field, this guide is an essential resource to help you foster meaningful relationships with your institution’s alumni community.


How the education sector gets the most out of Hivebrite.

The University of Notre Dame rallies its support base

The university’s alumni association used Hivebrite’s Donation Module to raise $8.7M for its student relief fund.

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The Fulbright program creates global community to support alumni and grantees to prosper

The flagship international educational exchange program partnered with Hivebrite to build a passionate, caring, and global community to help members thrive personally and professionally.

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How the University of Zurich cultivates brand ambassadors

The university’s alumni association uses Hivebrite’s alumni engagement platform to create value for members and encourage giving back.

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