Empower sustainable growth: Manage your community with intelligent analytics

Community Analytics empowers users to measure meaningful metrics with actionable insights to guide the success of their communities.

Dashboards tailored to fit your community reporting needs.

Intelligent analytics empower admins to measure meaningful metrics like user engagement, content interactions, and monetization performance. Track KPIs, assess community health, and comprehend user interactions without the hassle of creating individual reports. By transforming data into actions and outcomes, Community Analytics enables informed decision-making, enhancing community engagement and impact.

Track KPIs to demonstrate ROI

Assess community health and gain valuable insights into actions and outcomes. Make informed decisions that enhance engagement and impact.

Tie insights to organizational goals

Share critical insights from intuitive dashboards with leadership to enhance data-driven decision making and maximize business outcomes.

Monitor community engagement

Access comprehensive reports detailing community engagement. Uncover valuable insights into your users, including geographic and demographic information. Identify the most engaged cohorts and track key metrics including number of activations and levels of profile completion.

Measure community health

Benchmark groups within your community to and leverage insights to drive success. Dive deep into what drives engagement whether events, emails, forums, or other channels, gain a comprehensive understanding of what resonates most with your audience. Implement robust moderation policies and tools to maintain a safe and healthy community.

Experience the power of community analytics

With Community Analytics, you can: