Flexible plans that
grow with you

Tailored solutions and seamless scalability for thriving communities


For community builders

From $799 per month*

billed annually

An “out of the box” configuration that includes the community fundamentals needed to bring together and empower your members.


  • Custom landing pages
  • Global admins with custom permissions
  • Resource libraries
  • User Directory and Map
  • Memberships
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For growing organizations

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Full capabilities to structure and scale your digital community with the flexibility to expand alongside your growing needs.


  • Group admins with custom permissions
  • Customized user access
  • Visibility Restrictions
  • Ticketed Events
  • Additional membership options
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For organizations with an established community and group structures

Bespoke pricing


Our full suite of community management modules with custom services and support that bolster your community’s strategy and development.


  • Advanced onboarding complete with strategy sessions and workshops
  • Specialized support to fully brand your community
  • Advanced functionality for Groups and sub-communities
  • …and much more!
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* Baseline pricing varies by industry and is dependent on various options including currency, location and platform feature options.

Customers on all plans get access to:

  • Onboarding support tailored to each customer’s unique community needs
  • Groups functionality
  • Live Feed
  • Customized Member Profiles and Privacy Settings
  • Direct Messaging
  • User Directory and Map
  • Events
  • Memberships
  • Platform Analytics and Reporting
  • Access to Hivebrite’s Customer Community to connect with a network of community managers all leveraging Hivebrite to power their online communities

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  • Brand: Reinforce and project your brand and cultural identity

    Public pages
    Custom pages builder
    Flexible drag-and-drop custom page builder.
    Customizable landing pages
    Control which page users see first when they log in to the community.
    Logos, colors & fonts
    Content creation & editing
    Pre-defined templates
    Access ready-to-use templates for both custom pages and email campaigns.
    SEO & social sharing
    Platform custom domain
    White label email and domain authentication
    Enhanced security levels for the platform's sender email address.
    Additional custom branding
    Branded mobile app
    Additional language options
    Integrated live translation
    Translation of user posts (forums and live feed) and comments.
  • Organize: Structure your user base more effectively and automate process

    Global admins with custom permissions
    User data management
    Flexible user data export, modification and import.
    Customized profile pages
    Segmentation & clusters
    Social sign-in
    Sign in with Google, Facebook, Linked-in or Apple login details.
    Sign-up & activation workflows
    Platform analytics & reporting
    Engagement scoring
    Groups Level 1: Discussion
    Space for sub-community discussions on forum and activity feed.
    Google Tag Manager
    Group admins with custom permissions
    Groups Level 2: Content
    Space for sub-communities to discuss, share and view group specific media content.
    Visibility restriction
    Restricted visibility of custom pages, group modules, event tickets and membership plans.
    Customized user cards on Directory
    Groups Level 3: Engagement
    Space sub-cummunities with group specific memberships and the possibility to profit from advanced modules on group level.
  • Engage: Inspire & motivate your users and drive engagement

    News module
    RSS Feed
    Resource libraries / Media Center
    Zoom integration
    Zoom events on the Hivebrite platform.
    Events: RSVP
    Unticketed events with RSVP response only.
    Events: Directory
    Events: QR Code Scanner
    Events: system-generated reminders
    Events: attendee management & reporting
    Quick polls
    System notification emails
    Pop-Up notification campaigns
    Customizable pop-up campaigns displaying during front office navigation.
    Automated Community Digest
    Profile update campaigns
    Standarized campaigns to enable profile updates via email.
    Organizations Directory
    Journeys: Starter kit
    Guided content pathway to onboard new users to the community.
    Events: free and ticketed
    Email Campaigns module
    Designing responsive emails with an integrated Hivebrite email marketing tool.
    Email Campaigns: Plus package
    Customized email templates for all admins with option to set up recurring email campaigns.
    Total Email Bundle
    Full emailing capabilities with a customised sender domain, a platform custom domain and the Email Campaigns: Plus package.
    Branded Mobile App: Plus package
    Branded mobile app with push campaigns.
    Total Mobile Bundle
    Full mobile app capabilities with a platform custom domain and the Branded Mobile App: Plus package.
    Total Communications Bundle
    Full communications capabilities with a platform custom domain, a custom email sender domain and both the Branded Mobile App and the Email Plus packages.
    Journeys: Extension pack
    Multiple journeys facilitating the creation of guided content pathways.
    AI matching
    Provide consistent, valuable networking opportunities to your community members through high-quality, one-to-one matches leveraging advanced AI technology.
    Events: Plus package
    Events with additional options for ticketing.
    Projects module
    Place for users to share their projects with the community.
    Opportunities / Jobs module
    Mentoring Level 1: Connections
    Connections between available mentors and community members.
    Mentoring Level 2: Connections
    Take control of your mentoring program with our structured admin matching process to ensure mentor-mentee pairs are well suited to each other’s needs and goals.
    Mentoring - Additional Programs
    Tailor your mentoring experience with a variety of programs, offering different levels of depth and commitment to meet the diverse needs of all members.
  • Empower: Enable independent networking and sharing

    User Directory & Map
    Direct user messaging
    Reply by email to posts
    Activity feed
    All social and content updates from accross the community in one place.
    User generated events
    Trip sharing
    Location check-ins
    Personal profile
    Forums module
    Individual privacy settings
    Ability for each community member to customize their privacy settings.
    Personal user portfolio
    Personal library for users to store and share images, blogs, files, media
  • Monetize: Facilitate revenue generation and demonstrate ROI

    Stripe payment gateway
    Donations: simple campaign
    Simple giving campaigns with one campaign and one fund.
    Memberships: subscription plans
    Events: paid ticketing
    Enhanced Memberships: access permissions
    Level up your membership benefits by allowing users to access additional functionality profiting from Hivebrite's user access administration feature.
    Donations: multiple campaigns
    Multiple donation campaigns with one fund.
    Memberships: Plus package
    Additional membership payment options with digital membership cards.
    Multiple Stripe accounts
    Alternative payment gateways
    Payments via Paypal or Braintree.
    Donations: advanced
    Multiple donation campaigns with multiple funds.
    Donations: off platform
    Log for donations made outside the platform.
    Donations: custom domain for campaigns
  • Platform Integration

    API access
    SSO for users
    SSO for admins
    Own pre-production environment for testing.
    Data Integration Package
    Simplied API integrations through Hivebrite Professional Services.
    Additional data Integration workflow
    Additional workflows with Hivebrite Professional Services.

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Organizations worldwide are using Hivebrite’s feature-rich platform to build, customize, and grow their online community—here’s what they have to say.

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“Hivebrite enables us to sustain and scale our community and virtual engagement strategies to continue supporting our members as best as possible.”

Elizabeth Kohlway
Community & Digital Engagement Director, Sabin Vaccine Institute

“Hivebrite’s Mentoring Module was one of the key reasons we selected Hivebrite as our community engagement platform.”

Paul McMillan
Community Manager, The Data Lab

“The platform and its features offer everything we need and more to engage our members and keep them coming back.”

Erica Isotta Surace
Co-Founder, D2 Collective

“Centralizing our community and mentoring program on one intuitive platform improves our members’ experience. The UX and UI of the platform are great!”

Ilyass Rahmouni
Accelerator Programme Manager, EIT Health

“Hivebrite’s platform has made parts of my working day 110% easier by empowering Fulbrighters to connect, exchange, and collaborate with each other.”

Rob Ellis
Community Manager, Fulbrighter

“Hivebrite’s platform is completely customizable. All visual elements in the community match JA Worldwide’s visual identity.”

Sarah Rapp
Director, Alumni and People Engagement, JA Worldwide

“With Hivebrite, Notre Dame was able to set up a COVID-19 response fundraising campaign in under half an hour that was seen by over 100,000 potential donors worldwide.”

Brandon Tabor
Director of Marketing Operations, University of Notre Dame

“Hivebrite provides a forum for our portfolio companies to quickly and easily connect with each other to discuss challenges they’ve seen and how to solve them.”

Christina Nanfeldt
Portfolio Engagement Manager, Insight Partners

“The online platform allows mentees to browse mentor profiles, choosing a match that feels right for them.”

Shamala Govindasamy
APM Mentor

“We've been able to develop engagement opportunities, a consolidated resource and funding database, and a robust storytelling program because of the features [Hivebrite] offered.”

Margaret Hedderman
Communications and Editorial Director, Startup Colorado

“With Hivebrite, we have built a vibrant, caring community that advocates for customers and drives customer satisfaction and retention.”

Edda Mammen
Digital Project Manager, K2 Systems

“Since launching with Hivebrite, the Girl Up community has transformed communication and connection for Girl Up members. ”

Tess Reiman
Program Coordinator Girl Up, United Nations Foundation