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Monetize your community and increase revenue through ticketed events, merchandise sales, donations, and more.

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Manage memberships and facilitate subscriptions directly through the platform, creating various option levels for your members to choose from.

Multiple membership types

Create tiered membership packages with separated pricing, granting your members different platform capabilities and special offers.

Automated reminders & payments

Recurring membership payment options and automation allow users to select their preferred methods of subscription.

Membership access levels

Control permission levels to functionality, pages and content, whilst offering preferential tickets and access to events.

Promo codes

Maximize revenue generation through the use of promo code campaigns to deliver discounts via the platform.

Tickets & merchandising

Create differentiated ticketing for both online and in-person events and even add options for purchasing extra items related to your purchase.

Multiple event types

Fully managed ticketed events, including paid or free tickets, off-platform payments, and promo codes can all be built in.

Permissions & tiered pricing

Create ticket pricing that is only available to certain memberships, locations, clusters or groups, and set limited offer pricing and expiration dates.

Additional options

Hivebrite facilitates adding merchandising or direct donation options to your tickets wherever it is suitable.

Donations & giving

Collect and distribute funds for causes through campaigns and custom donation pages, backed up with clear reporting and analysis.

Multiple funds & campaigns

Flexible design enables everything from a simple single campaign to multi-tiered campaigns against multiple funds with individual public pages.

Alternative donation options

Adding ad-hoc giving to memberships and ticketing, and enabling phone donations make for a powerful, more flexible solution.

Customization & HEP matching

Incorporate more complexity with custom fields and attributes and even enable donation matching via HEP.


Organize campaigns directly from within your platform.


To encourage partner sponsorship, the platform includes a space to promote your partnerships, both internally and on the public page.

Sponsored content & spaces

There are numerous sponsorship opportunities that can be opened up across the site, including groups, custom pages, links, news items and other specific content.

Group membership

Admins can allocate members to a specific membership set aside for a partner organization.

What is Hivebrite

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With Hivebrite’s unparalleled customization, we power communities across diverse industry sectors. Learn more about how we can seamlessly align with your unique requirements.

  • Commercial

    Small and large enterprises turn to Hivebrite to transform their engagement with their unique audiences. Our versatile platform facilitates knowledge sharing, strategic alignment, and nurtures members’ sense of belonging.

  • Non-profit

    Charities, foundations, NGOs, and government organizations turn to Hivebrite to revolutionize their engagement with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Our adaptable platform encourages knowledge sharing, drives mission impact, and cultivates a strong sense of belonging among members.

  • Education

    From schools to universities, Hivebrite facilitates the transformation of simple connections into vibrant learning communities among students, educators, parents, and alumni. Our dynamic platform nurtures enduring relationships, spurs generous giving, and cultivates thriving research hubs, powering your institution’s advancement.

  • Collectives & Associations

    Collectives and associations of all sizes turn to Hivebrite to optimize member experiences and ignite shared interests. Our versatile platform nurtures professional communities, stimulates collective growth, and mobilizes shared values for social impact.

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Organizations worldwide are using Hivebrite’s feature-rich platform to build, customize, and grow their online community—here’s what they have to say.

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“Hivebrite enables us to sustain and scale our community and virtual engagement strategies to continue supporting our members as best as possible.”

Elizabeth Kohlway
Community & Digital Engagement Director, Sabin Vaccine Institute

“Hivebrite’s Mentoring Module was one of the key reasons we selected Hivebrite as our community engagement platform.”

Paul McMillan
Community Manager, The Data Lab

“The platform and its features offer everything we need and more to engage our members and keep them coming back.”

Erica Isotta Surace
Co-Founder, D2 Collective

“Centralizing our community and mentoring program on one intuitive platform improves our members’ experience. The UX and UI of the platform are great!”

Ilyass Rahmouni
Accelerator Programme Manager, EIT Health

“Hivebrite’s platform has made parts of my working day 110% easier by empowering Fulbrighters to connect, exchange, and collaborate with each other.”

Rob Ellis
Community Manager, Fulbrighter

“Hivebrite’s platform is completely customizable. All visual elements in the community match JA Worldwide’s visual identity.”

Sarah Rapp
Director, Alumni and People Engagement, JA Worldwide

“With Hivebrite, Notre Dame was able to set up a COVID-19 response fundraising campaign in under half an hour that was seen by over 100,000 potential donors worldwide.”

Brandon Tabor
Director of Marketing Operations, University of Notre Dame

“Hivebrite provides a forum for our portfolio companies to quickly and easily connect with each other to discuss challenges they’ve seen and how to solve them.”

Christina Nanfeldt
Portfolio Engagement Manager, Insight Partners

“The online platform allows mentees to browse mentor profiles, choosing a match that feels right for them.”

Shamala Govindasamy
APM Mentor

“We've been able to develop engagement opportunities, a consolidated resource and funding database, and a robust storytelling program because of the features [Hivebrite] offered.”

Margaret Hedderman
Communications and Editorial Director, Startup Colorado

“With Hivebrite, we have built a vibrant, caring community that advocates for customers and drives customer satisfaction and retention.”

Edda Mammen
Digital Project Manager, K2 Systems

“Since launching with Hivebrite, the Girl Up community has transformed communication and connection for Girl Up members. ”

Tess Reiman
Program Coordinator Girl Up, United Nations Foundation