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Listen in as industry leaders provide valuable insights to help you excel as a community professional.

Community Therapy podcast

Hivebrite’s Head of Community Morgan Wood and her guests dive into the unique and exciting challenges of working in community by discussing audience-submitted community-building confessions. Created by Hivebrite.

Community builder and author Adrian Speyer, joins us for our sixth and final episode for the season. We’ll explore how community builders can and should break down the AI barrier.

3 August 51 min

Community builder, coach, and author, Deb Schell, joins us for our fifth episode. We’ll explore building confidence to connect.

3 August 42 min

Community strategist and award-winning author, Carrie Melissa Jones, joins us for our fourth episode. We’ll explore why and how we can benefit from failure on an individual and professional level.

3 August 37 min

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Brite Ideas podcast

Join Alumni Relations expert Sandra Rincon and global alumni leaders as they candidly discuss pressing issues, explore research findings from the field, consider what alumni relations can learn from other industries, and more.

For this episode of Brite Ideas, host Sandra Rincon and Alexis Roig, Barcelona’s Chief Science and Tech Envoy and CEO of SciTech DiploHub, discuss how to leverage alumni for science diplomacy.

13 March 27 min

Listen in as host Sandra Rincon and Nena Grceva, Director of Alumni Affairs at Hertie School, explore how alumni advancement professionals can thrive and stay relevant in a changing world.

8 February 32 min

For this episode of Brite Ideas, host Sandra Rincon spoke to Karen Cairney, CEO and Founder of Cairney and Company—a global company of innovative and creative fundraisers, strategists, communicators, researchers, trainers, and coaches.

21 December 27 min

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