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Visual identity

Create a consistent visual experience right across your platform, using Hivebrite’s advanced branding tools and visual customization.

Logos, colors & fonts

Embed your organization’s imagery, color palette & typography allowing your audience to instantly associate with your brand.

Advanced theming

Go further with your branding choices with gradients, dynamic assets and more creative visual customization.

Branded mobile app

Your mobile app is fully branded, personalized and visually distinct, downloaded as your own app.

Content management

Build consistent digital media through Hivebrite’s intuitive content creation tools, maintaining visual identity across different media.

Page & email builder

Our advanced design interface enables creative design choices to maximize impact in campaigns and custom content.

Content editor

An easy-to-use HTML designer lets you create rich and visually appealing content posting across your platform.

Pre-defined templates

Setup standard and custom templates that help you maintain consistency and curate content from within your community.

Promotion, sharing & SEO

Extend the visibility, reach and recall of your platform, and enable users to act as content and community advocates.

Custom URL

Your platform’s URL can be set to whatever domain name you own, fully leveraging searches and dovetailing with your website.

Public pages

As well as the private community, you have a public facing front end to share selected content, raise awareness and drive sign-up.

SEO & social sharing

Built-in social sharing buttons are augmented by SEO that is optimized at both a sitewide and individual level.

Cultural alignment

Match your community’s structure and tone to embody your identity and ensure your members feel a sense of belonging.

Multi-language & live translation

Both back and front office are available with a variety of language options, and postings can be live translated with built in integration.

Brand compliance

Enforce end user terms to ensure that member behavior adheres to guidelines, norms, and expectations that reflect your community mission and values.

Tailored terminology

Ensure your brand voice is reflected across the system dialogue with extensively customizable naming and tagging.

What is Hivebrite

Your all-in-one community platform.

Hivebrite solutions.

With Hivebrite’s unparalleled customization, we power communities across diverse industry sectors. Learn more about how we can seamlessly align with your unique requirements.

  • Commercial

    Small and large enterprises turn to Hivebrite to transform their engagement with their unique audiences. Our versatile platform facilitates knowledge sharing, strategic alignment, and nurtures members’ sense of belonging.

  • Non-profit

    Charities, foundations, NGOs, and government organizations turn to Hivebrite to revolutionize their engagement with donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Our adaptable platform encourages knowledge sharing, drives mission impact, and cultivates a strong sense of belonging among members.

  • Education

    From schools to universities, Hivebrite facilitates the transformation of simple connections into vibrant learning communities among students, educators, parents, and alumni. Our dynamic platform nurtures enduring relationships, spurs generous giving, and cultivates thriving research hubs, powering your institution’s advancement.

  • Collectives & Associations

    Collectives and associations of all sizes turn to Hivebrite to optimize member experiences and ignite shared interests. Our versatile platform nurtures professional communities, stimulates collective growth, and mobilizes shared values for social impact.

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Organizations worldwide are using Hivebrite’s feature-rich platform to build, customize, and grow their online community—here’s what they have to say.

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“Hivebrite enables us to sustain and scale our community and virtual engagement strategies to continue supporting our members as best as possible.”

Elizabeth Kohlway
Community & Digital Engagement Director, Sabin Vaccine Institute

“Hivebrite’s Mentoring Module was one of the key reasons we selected Hivebrite as our community engagement platform.”

Paul McMillan
Community Manager, The Data Lab

“The platform and its features offer everything we need and more to engage our members and keep them coming back.”

Erica Isotta Surace
Co-Founder, D2 Collective

“Centralizing our community and mentoring program on one intuitive platform improves our members’ experience. The UX and UI of the platform are great!”

Ilyass Rahmouni
Accelerator Programme Manager, EIT Health

“Hivebrite’s platform has made parts of my working day 110% easier by empowering Fulbrighters to connect, exchange, and collaborate with each other.”

Rob Ellis
Community Manager, Fulbrighter

“Hivebrite’s platform is completely customizable. All visual elements in the community match JA Worldwide’s visual identity.”

Sarah Rapp
Director, Alumni and People Engagement, JA Worldwide

“With Hivebrite, Notre Dame was able to set up a COVID-19 response fundraising campaign in under half an hour that was seen by over 100,000 potential donors worldwide.”

Brandon Tabor
Director of Marketing Operations, University of Notre Dame

“Hivebrite provides a forum for our portfolio companies to quickly and easily connect with each other to discuss challenges they’ve seen and how to solve them.”

Christina Nanfeldt
Portfolio Engagement Manager, Insight Partners

“The online platform allows mentees to browse mentor profiles, choosing a match that feels right for them.”

Shamala Govindasamy
APM Mentor

“We've been able to develop engagement opportunities, a consolidated resource and funding database, and a robust storytelling program because of the features [Hivebrite] offered.”

Margaret Hedderman
Communications and Editorial Director, Startup Colorado

“With Hivebrite, we have built a vibrant, caring community that advocates for customers and drives customer satisfaction and retention.”

Edda Mammen
Digital Project Manager, K2 Systems

“Since launching with Hivebrite, the Girl Up community has transformed communication and connection for Girl Up members. ”

Tess Reiman
Program Coordinator Girl Up, United Nations Foundation

Frequently asked questions.

Hivebrite is a comprehensive community management platform that can be customized entirely to mirror each organization’s visual identity.

Organizations including Roche, the Obama Foundation, the National Academy of Sciences, the Aspen Institute, the University of Notre Dame, the U.S. Naval Academy, and U.C. Davis trust Hivebrite to power their fully branded private communities.

Read more about Hivebrite customers and their community successes.

Having an online brand community can significantly impact member engagement. Online brand communities foster a sense of belonging, facilitate interactions among members, and enhance member loyalty and advocacy. Online brand communities influence member engagement in the following ways:

  1. Enhanced interaction and communication:
    • Online communities provide a platform for members to interact with each other and with the brand. This interaction can increase engagement as members feel heard and valued.
    • Members can share experiences, ask questions, and offer advice, creating a vibrant and active community.
  2. Sense of belonging:
    • Being part of a community can create a strong sense of belonging among members. This emotional connection can lead to increased participation and loyalty.
    • Members who feel part of a community are more likely to engage regularly and contribute content.
  3. Access to exclusive content and perks:
    • Brands can offer community members exclusive content, early access to new products, special discounts, and other perks, which can incentivize participation and sustained engagement.
    • Members who perceive added value from the community are more likely to stay active and involved.
  4. Feedback and co-creation:
    • Online brand communities provide a valuable channel for collecting feedback and insights from members. This can enhance member engagement as they see their input being valued and acted upon.
    • Involving members in co-creating products or services can increase their emotional investment and participation.
  5. Social identity and recognition:
    • Members often seek recognition and status within the community. Features like badges, leaderboards, and member spotlights can drive engagement by rewarding active participation.
    • Social identity theory suggests that individuals derive part of their identity from their groups, motivating them to stay active and engaged to maintain their status within the community.
  6. Emotional support and connection:
    • Online communities often provide emotional support and a sense of camaraderie, especially if they are centered around shared interests or challenges.
    • This emotional connection can lead to higher levels of engagement as members return to the community for support and interaction.
  7. Influence on purchase behavior:
    • Active community members are more likely to be influenced by peer recommendations and brand advocacy within the community. This can lead to increased engagement through discussions about brand experiences and products.
    • Engaged members are also more likely to advocate for the brand outside the community, which can attract new members and further enhance community engagement.

Empirical studies have shown that online brand communities can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy, which drive higher engagement levels. For example, a study by Muniz and O’Guinn (2001) found that brand communities create shared consciousness, rituals, and a sense of moral responsibility among members, which enhances engagement. Another study by Algesheimer, Dholakia, and Herrmann (2005) found that identification with a brand community positively influences community engagement behaviors and brand loyalty.

In summary, online brand communities significantly impact member engagement through various mechanisms, including enhanced interaction, a sense of belonging, exclusive benefits, feedback opportunities, recognition, emotional support, and influence on purchase behavior.

The top characteristics of an online brand community that contribute to its success and member engagement include:

  1. Shared purpose and values:
    • Common interests: Members share a common interest or passion related to the brand, creating a sense of unity.
    • Aligned values: The community’s values align with those of the brand and its members, fostering a cohesive and supportive environment.
  2. Active participation and engagement:
    • User-generated content: Members actively contribute content, such as posts, reviews, and discussions.
    • Interaction: High levels of interaction between members and between members and the brand, including likes, comments, and sharing.
  3. Strong sense of community:
    • Belonging: Members feel a strong sense of belonging and identity within the community.
    • Support: The community provides emotional and practical support to its members, enhancing their connection to the brand.
  4. Effective communication channels:
    • Multiple platforms: The community is accessible through various platforms (e.g., forums, social media, brand websites).
    • Responsive: The brand actively participates in discussions, responds to queries, and communicates updates regularly.
  5. Valuable content and resources:
    • Exclusive content: Access to exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes information, early product releases, and special offers.
    • Educational resources: Tutorials, webinars, articles, and other resources that add value to members’ experiences.
  6. Recognition and rewards:
    • Incentives: Rewards for active participation, such as badges, points, and exclusive perks.
    • Acknowledgement: Public recognition of members’ contributions and achievements within the community.
  7. Governance and moderation:
    • Clear guidelines: Established rules and guidelines to ensure respectful and constructive interactions.
    • Active moderation: Proactive moderation to manage conflicts, remove inappropriate content, and maintain a positive environment.
  8. Inclusivity and diversity:
    • Welcoming atmosphere: An inclusive community that welcomes members from diverse backgrounds.
    • Representation: Diverse representation in community leadership and content to reflect members’ varied interests.
  9. Continuous improvement:
    • Feedback Loop: regularly seek and incorporate member feedback to improve the community.
    • Adaptability: The ability to evolve based on changing member needs and industry trends.
  10. Brand Integration:
    • Brand presence: A clear and consistent brand presence within the community, reinforcing brand identity and values.
    • Alignment with brand goals: The activities and content within the community align with the brand’s overall goals and strategy.

By focusing on these characteristics, brands can build strong, engaged, and loyal online communities that drive sustained member engagement and support business objectives.

  1. Define your community purpose and goals
    • Identify purpose:
      • Clearly outline why you are creating this community. Is it to support customers, gather feedback, or build brand loyalty?
      • Example: A tech company might create a community for user support and feature requests.
    • Set goals:
      • Establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.
      • Example: Increase community engagement by 30% within six months.
  2. Understand your audience
    • Research your audience:
      • Conduct surveys, interviews, and analyze existing customer data to understand their needs, preferences, and pain points.
      • Example: Use existing channels to identify common topics of interest and challenges faced by your audience.
    • Create user personas:
      • Develop detailed personas representing different segments of your audience.
      • Example: A persona could be a tech-savvy millennial interested in sustainability.
  3. Choose the right platform
    • Evaluate platforms:
    • Assess platform features:
      • Look for features like discussion forums, event capabilities, and integrations with other tools.
      • Example: A B2B company might prefer LinkedIn for its professional network capabilities.
  4. Develop a content and engagement strategy
    • Create a content plan:
      • Plan a mix of content that educates, entertains, and engages your community.
      • Example: Weekly blog posts, monthly webinars, and daily discussion prompts.
    • Encourage participation:
      • Foster engagement through polls, challenges, and user-generated content.
      • Example: Host a photo contest where users share images of their experiences with your product.
  5. Launch and grow your community
    • Carefully prepare your launch:
      • Promote the launch through email campaigns, social media, and influencers.
      • Example: Offer exclusive perks for the first 100 members who join.
    • Measure and iterate:
      • Regularly track key metrics such as member growth, engagement rates, and content interaction.
      • Example: Use analytics tools to measure the effectiveness of your content and adjust your strategy accordingly.