Manage your community effectively with advanced analytics

See the progress of your community, identify your power users, and figure out which communications your users like most.

Identify which emails perform best

Powerful email analytics let you find out which of your campaigns perform best. Keep track of email open, click-through, and bounce rates. Determine which links perform best with a campaign analysis of all your links.

See how engaged your community is

Get beautiful reports about the progress of your community. Gain insight on your users through geographic and demographic information. Discover which cohorts engage the most. Track the number of activations and the levels of profile completions.

Identify your power users

Engagement scoring lets you identify your most-active users; the users that drive engagement for the rest of your community. Hivebrite will show you who they are so that you can keep them active and happy. Drill down to find the most active users in each geography or sub-community and see if they want to be your ambassadors.