Case study

GlobalWelsh grows diaspora community by 118% within one year

The non-profit organization partners with Hivebrite to create a vibrant global diaspora community to help Wales prosper.

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Global Welsh

“We are an ambitious organization and needed software that future-proofed our community strategy. Hivebrite was the clear choice; an ambitious company with great customer references, its platform offers all the features we need to support our current and future community plans.” 

Walter May / Founder and CEO, GlobalWelsh

About the GlobalWelsh

GlobalWelsh is a global professional community of people with an affinity for Wales.


Launched in 2017, its mission is to help build a stronger and more prosperous Wales through diaspora engagement.

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The community challenge

GlobalWelsh wanted to create an interactive space for its members to connect and collaborate, as well as support and invest in each others’ careers and business initiatives.

The Hivebrite solution

GlobalWelsh is one of the first diaspora organizations in the world to create an online community. It decided to partner with Hivebrite to build and scale its online community.

GlobalWelsh monetizes its community through memberships. It offers several membership options to encourage joining, participating and, depending on member needs and ambitions, eventually becoming a paying member.

The community also offers:

  • Free thought leadership events and introductory sessions for non-members to showcase the platform and explain the benefits of joining the community to encourage sign-ups
  • Sub-communities run by group leaders that offer a dedicated space for niche discussions, events, and more
  • A personalized community experience based on location and affinities to drive engagement
  • A global mentoring program to help members advance professionally or develop specific skills
  • Networking and thought leadership events

The outcome

The community grew by 118% in the first 12 months of launching with Hivebrite. GlobalWelsh counts almost 3,000 active members worldwide and supports the Welsh government’s efforts to promote Wales on a global stage.