Case study

K2 Systems partners with Hivebrite to create a customer-service-orientated community

The community is designed to empower K2 System’s customers of all levels of experience to help each other, share ideas, and network.

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“Our customers deserve the best—an excellent product and outstanding service when they need assistance. With Hivebrite, we have built a vibrant, caring community that advocates for customers and drives customer satisfaction and retention.

The platform is easy to use—for both our team and our members. By empowering our members to ask and answer questions and share their experiences with our products, we have significantly reduced the time our team spends on support tickets.

The authentic feedback and conversations in the community also help us to understand our customers and their needs better.”

Edda Mammen / Digital Project Manager, K2 Systems

About the K2 Systems

K2 Systems develops pioneering and highly functional mounting system solutions for photovoltaic installations. 


Created in 2004, its mission is to drive worldwide adoption of solar energy for power generation. 

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The community challenge

K2 Systems prides itself on its long-standing international experience and expertise and its personal approach to customer relations.

In recent years, interest in renewable energy growth increased faster than ever on a worldwide scale. Consequently, K2 Systems experienced a surge in customers. With customer growth showing no sign of slowing down, the company realized its traditional telephone and email customer support service was not scalable.

The company began to investigate ways to scale its customer service experience to further enhance customer satisfaction.

The Hivebrite solution

K2 Systems partnered with Hivebrite to create a customer-service-orientated community to empower its customers and solar energy professionals of all levels of experience to network, share ideas, and help each other.

Members can request help or advice on specific topics from peers and the K2 Systems team via the community’s forum. The team also promotes company and industry events through the community. The community’s global news feed promotes company news and customer stories.

K2 Systems has created four topic-based subgroups within the platform to cover the diversity of community professionals and their needs. These groups offer specialized areas for targeted engagement. Community Managers lead each topic group along with advanced members, delivering targeted content, events, and support to members.

The outcome

Within less than one year, the community has grown to more than 2000 members and achieved a 71% activation rate. The community’s month on month growth averages at approximately 50%.