Hivebrite vs. Higher Logic

This comparison comes up a lot and though we can’t answer entirely without bias, we’ll share some valuable information about the features and support you’ll only find with Hivebrite.

3 Key reasons to choose Hivebrite:

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How does Hivebrite compare with Higher Logic?

User data management
Global admins with custom permissions
Customized profile pages
API access
Platform Analytics & reporting
Custom pages builder
Alternative payment gateways
Content creation & editing
Segmentation & clusters
Organizations Directory
Customized user access
User generated events
Donation campaigns
Multiple Stripe accounts
Branded mobile app
Full Partial None
* Using publicly available information as of Feb 2024

Hivebrite is the best online community platform for…

After extensive conversations with numerous customers who either migrated from Higher Logic to Hivebrite or meticulously evaluated both platforms before making a purchase decision, we’ve compiled valuable feedback highlighting the areas where Hivebrite shines.

Hivebrite is the ideal solution for:

  • Associations, non-profits, and member-based organizations: A trusted partner, Hivebrite helps communities to enhance member experience, foster meaningful connections, and empower members to thrive.
  • Communities seeking to migrate from inadequate platforms: Hivebrite offers a seamless migration process from most major community management solutions and innovative features to meet your community’s evolving needs.
  • Organizations with dedicated community management teams: Hivebrite offers not only a fully branded community experience with limitless customization options but also a robust back-office to manage your community effectively.
  • Streamlining community management tech-stack: Simplify your operations and enhance your member experience by consolidating multiple tools into one centralized community hub.

Hivebrite may not be the best fit if:

  • You are just getting started with community: Our platform offers a comprehensive suite of features that can be overwhelming for individuals or organizations who are just beginning their journey with community building and may only require a few core features at the outset.
  • Public communities: Hivebrite is primarily designed for private member communities, where organizations can foster meaningful connections and interactions among their members within a secure and controlled environment.
  • Budget-constrained communities: While Hivebrite offers a robust set of features and customization options, it may not be the most suitable choice for those seeking free or low-cost solutions. Our platform is designed to provide unparalleled value and support for organizations looking to scale online communities.

Consider Higher Logic if…

Higher Logic is a viable solution for:

  • Associations or Non-profit that prioritizes simplicity over functionality: If you prioritize ease of use over extensive customization, Higher Logic offers a solution without a lot of flexibility.
  • Organizations with technical proficiency: Higher Logic’s platform requires a considerable level of technical expertise for setup and customization, necessitating proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for content creation and page design.
  • Organizations with specific module needs: Higher Logic offers packages with various modules priced independently. This modular approach can benefit organizations that are looking for specific functionalities to add to their platform.

Higher Logic is not the best fit for:

  • Organizations seeking a modern user interface: If you prioritize a modern UI for your end users, Higher Logic’s HTML-based page builder may pose challenges. Many community managers have reported the platform as having an outdated or cumbersome design, making it code-intensive to achieve desired aesthetics.
  • Organizations looking for a platform with seamless configuration and one that is easy to maintain: Higher Logic can be difficult to configure and maintain, especially for those seeking high levels of customization. Adapting the community experience for different user types as the platform evolves may prove challenging.
  • Those who require comprehensive group functionality: If your community relies heavily on group functionality, Higher Logic’s walled-off groups may not meet your needs. Syndicating content across groups can be cumbersome, and the absence of push notifications may lead to decreased awareness of group events and news.
  • Organizations requiring built-in monetization features: Higher Logic lacks built-in monetization features such as tiered memberships. Organizations requiring integrated systems for memberships, events, and donations may find this limitation restrictive.
  • Organizations seeking customized permissions: Higher Logic may not be suitable if you require customized permissions for users. The platform lacks the ability to provide permissions on a granular basis, such as distinguishing between moderators and standard users.

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