Why your B2B organization needs a private community

Date: July 30th

Time: 10am ET/ 4pm CT

B2B success hinges on building and nurturing long-term, meaningful relationships with customers and stakeholders.

Join us for advice and strategies on creating B2B communities that foster these connections and drive business growth.

Hear from our panelists who have successfully transformed their B2B organizations through innovative community-building strategies.

Key takeaways will include:

  • The strategic value of B2B communities: Explore how a B2B community can boost customer engagement, brand loyalty, and competitive advantage.
  • Critical steps for community building: Discover key questions to align your B2B community with business goals
  • Driving engagement and participation: Get strategies to drive adoption and active participation within your B2B community
  • Delivering mutual value: Explore how to create and communicate value for both members and your organization
  • Overcoming challenges and measuring impact: Understand common B2B community challenges and learn to track meaningful metrics that demonstrate success

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Meet the panel

Lynda Przedpelski

Lynda Przedpelski

Head of Research & Community, HR Acuity

Molly Kipnis, Senior Community Manager, Gong

Molly Kipnis

Senior Community Manager, Gong

Morgan Rice, Revenue Enablement & Community Development, Hivebrite

Morgan Rice

Revenue Enablement & Community Development, Hivebrite

There will be a live Q&A at the end of the webinar for you to ask our experts anything about their community engagement best practices.