Powering customer communities to maximize impact and  
Build brand loyalty and advocacy
Customer community engagement
Develop social proof
Share knowledge & get customer insights
Customer portals
Facilitate feedbacks and support

Learn how Hivebrite can help you…

  • Capitalize on your customer community
  • Generate new business & revenue upsell
  • Build brand loyalty and advocacy
  • Share knowledge & get customer insights
  • Develop social proof

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Who uses Hivebrite?

Small & medium-sized business

We offer flexible customer community options that iterate with your business, an all-in-one platform that offers significant cost savings over multiple tools and integrations, self-serve admin capabilities and automation features that provide you with high degree of efficiency, and advanced tools and integrations as your customer community grows.

Enterprise solutions

For large corporations with complex customer communities with intricate community structures and needs, Hivebrite offers highly customizable Enterprise customer community solutions with exclusive advanced features, integrations, and personalizations. We also offer the ability to scale to large user volumes without affecting performance, advanced logging and auditing capabilities, and compliance with data security and privacy regulations.

Plus, we have a dedicated partnership team to help you every step of the way.

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Key use cases for
customer communities.

Build brand loyalty and advocacy

Enable your customers or partners to connect with each other, have conversations, share ideas, and provide valuable feedback.

Generate new business & revenue upsell

Develop a profit-driven customer community that drives financial growth through events, premium content, exclusive offers, and product trials targeted towards members.

Develop social proof

Identify your social advocates. Empower and leverage them for marketing collaborations.

Share knowledge & get customer insights

Facilitate company and customers wide networking, sharing and collaboration. Bring customers together under a common goal. Facilitate feedbacks and support.

How top brands get the most out of Hivebrite.

What is Hivebrite

Your all-in-one community platform.

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