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  • Build and host your nonprofit community website
  • Empower chapters, local groups & partners
  • Bring together communities of practice
  • Manage your organisation database
  • Manage and promote your nonprofit events

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Who uses Hivebrite?

Charities & foundations

Charities and foundations use Hivebrite to supercharge their fundraising and volunteer efforts by connecting and energizing their support bases across local groups and chapters.


NGOs connect their globally dispersed membership with our platform, giving thought leaders, practitioners, and collaborators a place to share resources, build connections, and drive change.

Public sector organizations

Government organizations, public health organizations, and more use Hivebrite to bring specialists together into one ecosystem to foster sharing research, expertise, and best practices, and include supporters, volunteers, and end users to expand their reach.

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Key use cases for
the non-profit sector.

Empower chapters, local groups & partners

Cultivate affinity and coordinate the efforts of chapters, affiliates, and volunteers using decentralized groups.

Boost cause-driven missions

Network, collaborate, and engage members, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries to maximize impact and reach.

Bring together communities of practice

Facilitate company or industry wide networking, sharing and collaboration to bring contributors together under a common goal.

Strengthen support and belonging

Create a sense of belonging and community by tailoring guidance and support to members’ unique circumstances and needs.

How non-profit sector get the most out of Hivebrite.

JA Worldwide empowers its chapters, affiliates & volunteers

The Nobel Peace Prize-nominated organization uses Hivebrite to connect its network of over 450,000 teachers and business volunteers to serve 12 million students in over 100 countries.

Girl Up boosts its cause-driven mission

The UN-sponsored girls empowerment initiative uses Hivebrite to unite its 125,000 members in 5,600 clubs in 130 countries.

Sabin Vaccine Institute enhances its community of practice

Sabin Vaccine Institute uses Hivebrite to connect immunization professionals across the globe to collaborate on urgent vaccine challenges.

What is Hivebrite

Your all-in-one community platform.

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